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Interview - Kodagain - 1985-92


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  2. 86 Interviews Abraaj Capital Art Prize Announced initially in , the Abraaj Capital Art Prize aims to empower potential and give often under-represented, contemporary artists from the vibrant MENASA region the resources to further develop their talent. The artists work with an .
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  4. kodagain – 81 kodagain – 92 kodagain a drink with something in it kodagain commercial kodagain diggin' deep ain't no sleep kodagain speed up kodagain the nowhere land's echoes kran kran krcko oraščić krcko oraščić krč recyklisti zbirka pjesama 1. kukuriku street anarhija kukuriku street kukuriku street kukuriku street.
  5. Kodagain je jedna od najčuvanijih tajni srpske pop i rock muzike. Osnivač i lider Saša Zorić Čombe, osnovao je grupu u Knjaževcu (gde i danas živi) pre 25 godina i za to vreme je snimio.

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