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Frédéric Chopin, Arie Vardi - Mazurkas


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  1. Frédéric Chopin has long been recognized as one of the most significant and individual composers of the Romantic age. The bulk of his reputation rests on small-scale works that in other hands would have been mere salon trifles: waltzes, nocturnes, preludes, mazurkas, and polonaises (the last-named two groups reflecting his fervent Polish nationalism).
  2. Stylized mazurkas, such as Chopin 's, combine aspects of this and several other dances, but some characteristics are consistently present: an accented third beat (occasionally the second) in a 3/4 measure; the use of both the natural and raised versions of some scale degrees, particularly the fourth; and a drone bass.
  3. Over the years –, Frédéric Chopin wrote at least 59 mazurkas for piano, based on the traditional Polish dance: 58 have been published 45 during Chopin's lifetime, of which 41 have opus numbers 13 posthumously, of which 8 have posthumous opus numbers 11 further mazurkas are known whose manuscripts are either in private hands or untraced. The serial numbering of the 58 published mazurkas .
  4. Piano Concerto in F-minor, Mazurkas, Ballada & Kurpinski. - Krzysztof Ksiazek, Karol Kurpinsky, Frédéric Chopin: alternative.kimurodugorethorgalen.infoinfo: Musik.
  5. ), and even though these sources explore some of Frederic Chopin’s nationalistic views, their emphasis is not to provide an analysis of how Chopin expressed his nationalistic feelings through the interpretation of his mazurkas. The performance of Chopin’s mazurkas is a subject that remains to be studied and analyzed.

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