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Dizu I (Light Mix) - Auslander - Dizu I


2 thoughts on “ Dizu I (Light Mix) - Auslander - Dizu I

  1. Cape Jazz - Volume 5. CD MOU The theme of this album, the fifth edition in the series, is the solo piano. I chose pianists with whom I had worked and planned to ask them to play some of the standards of the genre and where possible select compositions published by Songwrights Publishers who, together with Mountain Records, made this project possible through providing most of the funding.
  2. Ansem the Wise (賢者アンセム, Kenja Ansemu) is the former sage king of Radiant Garden, first appearing in the "Reverse/Rebirth" storyline of Chain of Memories as a bandaged figure known as DiZ (ディズ, Dizu). His true identity is uncovered in Kingdom Hearts II, simultaneously revealing the similarly named antagonist to be an impostor.

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